At the Exomedicine Institute, we are constantly looking for the next medical challenge to tackle with research in microgravity. Below are some examples of exomedicine missions in the queue. We invite you to explore them, get inspired, and contact us with your ideas whether you’re looking to partner with us on your own exomedicine related ventures or participate in helping us brainstorm the next medical breakthroughs.

This multi-part project is testing different plants used in making drugs, including those critical in chemotherapy treatments. The here is to better understand the effect of microgravity on drug processes, structures and ultimately efficacy.


Project in partnership with the Tufts Center

Regenerative Medicine

Experiments often prompt many new questions. The surprising discovery of the two-headed flatworm came from a past experiment in microgravity. Read about our discovery of the Role of Gravity and Geomagnetic Field in Flatworm Regeneration and get excited for the future. We are continuing to consider what advantages microgravity might provide in tissue regeneration and organ reproduction.

Muscles in Microgravity

What can microgravity teach us about our own bodies? By experimenting in microgravity, we aim to better understand the initial activation of smooth muscle contraction. Learning about this mechanism can help us develop treatments for hypertension.




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