The Exomedicine Institute is a private, collaborative R&D enterprise focused on the promotion, facilitation and execution of medical research in the microgravity environment of space for applications on Earth. We welcome all parties interested in unlocking new knowledge and technologies involving medical treatments, pharmaceuticals and more. The Institute, along with its implementation partner, Space Tango, seeks to harness the unique environment of microgravity leading to exponential improvements of life on Earth.

The Exomedicine Institute takes a fast-paced interdisciplinary approach to design, development and execution of experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), bringing together scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and students to work in union for the next big medical breakthrough.

Why Microgravity?

Each time a new physics medium has been harnessed (e.g., magnetism, electricity, etc.) extraordinary growth of new knowledge, technology and capital have occurred. In the unique microgravity environment of space all biological and physical systems are scrambled. Modern micro-technologies now open the door for small, modest cost but high-value R&D. By challenging the fundamental assumptions about how biological systems operate and perform we can execute novel experiments, gaining important new insights about their processes and functions. Whether you specialize in biological research, biotechnological innovations, medicine or something in-between, microgravity has the potential to redefine the mechanisms underlying your next discovery.

From Concept to Launch

Together with our implementation partner, Space Tango, and its novel automated R&D platform (TangoLab) on ISS we offer a “full stack” capability to help you go from an idea to a viable experiment, to successful launch and return.

Space Tango: Offering a Full-Service Space Solution For R&D

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