LEX 18: Kentucky Company Monitoring Experiments In Space

(LEX 18) — A Kentucky start-up company is taking to space again to focus on microgravity research on the International Space Station.

On Sunday, Space Tango launched a rocket filled with experiments that could change the way we find cures for diseases.

The 18 different experiments are from customers all over the world.

Kris Kimel, the chairman of Space Tango, and his team are focusing on exo-medicine on this most recent mission.

“Using microgravity as a new medium to understand how different processes work because once you leave the gravity well of earth, all biological and physical processes are scrambled,” said Kimel.

Kimel says that one of the things Space Tango seeks to answer is, ‘what if the next major breakthrough in medicine isn’t on Earth?’ The cure for diseases like cancer, AIDs, diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis and more may be above the Earth.

The team at Space Tango will continue to monitor the experiments on board the International Space Station.

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